Imagine a Vibrant, Thriving
San Benito County…

Uniquely San Benito.

Purple mountains majesty. Fields of green. Nature. Outdoor recreation. And people with a strong sense of history and community.

San Benito County has so much beauty and potential. Yet we continue to struggle financially. While there has been much housing growth, our economic growth has been stagnant. With the mainstay of our economy in farming, education or local government, the majority of residents find themselves caught in that steady stream of traffic heading in and out of the Bay Area for jobs. And we find ourselves without the needed infrastructure, planning and services to keep our community thriving.

We need balance. We need new business and economic growth. Livable wage jobs. Revenue to fix infrastructure issues, repair roads and provide services. With the current economic crisis, the time has never been greater to come together and build a future that preserves our history, our beauty and our community with thoughtful intentional growth that brings economic stability. That is the goal of our grassroots organization.

Let’s move forward, into that brighter future!




Let’s rebuild our community!
Say NO to political groups that spread misinformation and fear to strangle economic growth!


Say YES to new livable wage Jobs. New industry brings jobs so we can beat that Bay Area commute and work close to home!


Say YES to a strong San Benito County, with new revenue sources that pave the way for better roads, infrastructure & services.

Hollister Veteran's Memorial Building
Photo Courtesy of Bob Graves.

We are stronger working together, building a vibrant and financially stable community.

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Let’s band together to make that brighter future a reality! Share the news with your friends and neighbors. Spread the word…NO MORE PETITIONS TO STOP BUSINESS GROWTH! We can build a strong economy, with thoughtful planning that brings good paying jobs and revenue streams that will lead us toward a vibrant and thriving San Benito County.

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Join our team of like-minded community members who simply want a better place to live in. Where every voice counts. Where our future matters. Sign up for our email list. Like our Facebook page. Be part of the Brighter Future. You’re invited to join our cause.

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